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Welcome to my 300/221 page. I guess the first question one needs to answer is, "Why?" Well, I don't have a really good answer except it's just plain fun. I didn't have any dire need for a 300/221 (or a 300 Fireball, or a 300 Whisper©), but I always had a strange attraction to the cartridge because it's so incredibly versatile and efficient. The 300/221 spans the spectrum on bullet weights and potential uses; from a low recoil, single shot pistol with plenty of down range foot-pounds to a magazine fed, fully automatic, suppressed tactical masterpiece, it goes the distance!!

My goals for the my gun were to get a pseudo-30-30 load using light bullets (125-130g) and maybe play around with loads using heavy bullets (220-240g). While I can't use the gun to hunt in Pennsylvania, no semi-automatic rifles allowed, I would like to try it on game in a different state. Maybe coyotes in New York... who knows what I'll come up with? I really have no desire to create a subsonic sniper rifle... I'm not an "operator" and don't plan to need their type of tools. 99% of my interest lies in the supersonic loads and their potential to put a .308 hole into something down-range.

Fortune smiled on me when I found an upper in the Equipment Exchange on AR15.com. Jeff Overstreet at CMMG had this previously owned upper for sale and I decided I had lived long enough without one, so I took the plunge and bought it. The photo below shows the complete set of goodies sent to me by good folks at CMMG.

This page deals with my gun and you will find a link to my reloading data towards the bottom. But, if you are interested in building a gun for youself, I've tried to assemble a list of frequently asked questions and post them on my 300/221 FAQ page.... Please e-mail me if I can be of assistance in your quest for information and I will add your questions to my page. Also, check out the links at the bottom of the page, they contain a lot of valuable information.

My 300/221, 1-8" Twist, .081 gas port, Olympic Arms AR-15 upper

It seemed fitting to match the upper with my Colt SP-1. For some reason, it just "feels right" to see it with a collapsible stock. And, because of the flash suppressor, I legally need it on a pre-ban lower so my choices were limited. (My SP-1 is my only pre-ban lower.) If I ever build another one, I'd use a post-ban barrel configuration to increase my flexibility. But, it's good to have a treaded barrel in case the NFA bug bites me and I want to pursue a suppressor.

The pictures below show the lower in two different sets of "clothes". One with a classic CAR stock and a Tasco Propoint mounted on the Oly Arms A2 upper. The second one with the barrel moved to a large hole upper from Daniel Defense and topped with a Colt carring handle. Also the stock has been replaced with a Rock River Arms 6 position (also from CMMG) and a bayonett lug has been added for accessories. Man, is it fun to shoot!!!

300/221, SP-1 lower, original 2 position stock, Oly Arms A2 w/ Tasco Propoint.

300/221, SP-1 lower, RRA 6 postition, Daniel Defense w/ Colt carry handle.

I have targets and shooting information that I pledge to get on the site soon. Please stop back and check on me once and awhile. If you have any questions, drop me an e-mail. And, if you have any information on this cartridge, please share if you can... let's learn together.

300/221 reloading data.

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